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Ceremonial cacao origin

The honest sourcing of our cacao

At Fueling You we believe in honest foods that provide nutrition without any bullshit. Hence, we are super proud to share with you the sourcing process & cacao origin as it lies the base of our activities and helps us provide you the highest quality ceremonial cacao. Currently, we’re working with with suppliers from both Bali & Peru and we’ll provide you with an overview of the cacao origin and how we ensure ethical & sustainable farming!

Our supply chain

Fueling You - Harvest

The cacao is organically farmed by local farmers familiar with the land. In Peru farming is done by the Ashanínka’s, the indigenous people of the Peruvian Amazon rainforest. They ensure to harvest when the fruits are ready for production!

In principle the Criollo & Trinitario cacao trees flower & fruit all year round. However,  main harvesting in Peru (Criollo cacao) happens in June and December. In Bali (Trinitario cacao) our harvesting is done between May & September!

Fueling You - Cacao Preparation

The beans are first fermented in the fruit itself, typically for 1 day. Next, the fruits are cracked and covered by banana leaves to start their 5-7 day fermentation process. This step is crucial in developing the complex flavor profiles!

The beans are shade dried in designated drying barns, where the wind can easily blow through. A process of approximately 5-8 days, which must be done gently to preserve the beans delicate flavors and nutritional contents.

Fueling You - Cacao processing

Once dried the beans are transported to the production facilities. Here they are slightly roasted & heated to create the creamy texture. Next, the cacao beans are pressed using special machines that allow for temperature control!

As we are working with a delicate product we want to protect the natural minerals and vitamins. Therefore, we aim to keep the temperature of the cacao paste below 45° Celcius such that our cacao remains raw and potent.

Fueling You - Direct trade

To ensure the whole supply chain benefits from our cacao we have opted for a direct trade mechanism. This gives us full insight in the distribution of funds as we buy directly from local farmer cooperatives in Peru and Bali

As a result, we won’t get the label of fair trade (which you normally have to buy). However, we ensure the farmer receives the best price possible and even have the opportunity to help build local communities!

Cacao origin - the regions

Fueling You - Cacao origin Peru

West Bali, Indonesia

Known as the Island of the Gods, Bali is a place where deep spirituality integrates in daily life. The Island is characterized by a deeply rooted Hindu faith and the citizens have created a strong practice that honors the connection between man, nature and the divine. Despite not being a native cacao origin region, the island knows a centuries long history of growing cacao as colonist brought the sacred cacao trees. The fertile soils, landscapes and vibrant cultural traditions foster an ideal cacao cultivating environment.  

Balinese farmers

As the Balinese are deeply connected to their lands through their faith, they are dedicated to farming ethically and sustainably. Their dedication and intimate knowledge of the land are reflected by farming methods that are often accompanied by prayers and offerings. Thereby embedding a deep connection to their crops and the land, fostering a level of care that is reflected in the taste and energy of our cacao! 

Satipo, Junín, Peru

Our farms are located in Satipo, a region in central Peru in the middle of the Junín department. The region is characterized by a wide variety of landscapes as it is based on the border between the Amazon tropical rainforest and the Andes mountains. Our farms are found near the tropical rainforest as it allows for the perfect growing conditions. The tropical weather combined with a widespread variety of other fauna provides the enough humidity and shade for our beloved cacao tree to grow. 


As the love for cacao is rooted in ancient tradition in Peru, we are proud to say that our cacao is farmed by the indigenous citizens of the Peruvian-Brazilian Amazon tropical rainforest named the Ashanínka’s. They have been farming cacao for centuries and use a fully organic and traditional way of farming our cacao. This entails the use of skills handed down through generations to make sure they achieve large harvests with the highest possible quality of this delicate Criollo hybrid cacao.

Fueling You - Cacao origin Bali

Nutritional information

Named after the Incan goddes of the earth, our Pachamama cacao from Peru is a Criollo Hybrid Cacao. The cacao origin of this bean is found in Mexico and Central America. Criollo is often defined as the most delicate cacao, characterized by its sweet taste profile, with aromas of nuts, caramel, (dried) fruits and a mouthfeel of butter. The effects are gentle and allow for a perfect introduction in the world of cacao as you ease into softness with this criollo hybrid. 

Criollo cacao was considered by the Maya’s as food of the gods and due to its delicate nature it is a vulnerable plant to grow. Therefore, our Ashanínka farmers have been working hard to create a hybrid that is stronger ensuring sufficient harvests throughout the year. 

As we value transparency we have included a table with the nutritional information of our criollo hybrid cacao.

Pachamama – 100% Peruvian raw Criollo hybrid cacao*

Fueling You - Peruvian ceremonial cacao nutritional information

*Note: as we’re working with a product from nature exact ratios might differ per batch. Hence, we advise you to use this indicatively. The product packaging always contains the correct information.

Our Brahma cacao stems from the Trinitario cacao tree and is named after the Balinese god of the universe. This bean’s origin is found through crossing the Amelonado cacao bean with the old Criollo and is solely sourced from the Bali island of Indonesia. It combines the resilience of the Forastero bean with the delicate flavors of Criollo. It has delicate fruity floral notes, a creamy mouthfeel and a slight aftertaste of wild honey, dark cherry, lychee and vanilla. A deep fruity chocolate aroma with floral notes. 

The processing of this bean after harvest is slightly different compared to our Pachamama cacao. The result is a very potent cacao with a strong boost in energy. Before shipping the cacao to Europe our Brahma cacao is blessed by a Balinese priest who has a close relationship to our farmers. 

Again to provide transparency in the nutritional values of our products we have included a table for our Trinitario cacao.

Brahma – 100% Balinese raw Trinitario cacao*

EN - Fueling You - Balinese Ceremonial Cacao Nutritional Information

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