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This cacao starter pack is the ultimate deal for starting your cacao journey! In this cacao starter pack you get two packages or our 250g of Pachamama Peruvian ceremonial criollo cacao and our Thermo buddy medium! With this cacao starter pack you’ll be able to bring your desired cup of cacao anywhere you go whilst making sure your drink always stays the perfect temperature. Either hot or cold! 

The benefits of cacao are endless and this cacao starter pack brings you 500 grams of Peruvian goodness. We are very proud to share with you this powerful and potent cacao, which gives you the perfect balance between an energy boost and a relaxed feeling. This Criollo hybrid bean is known for its low bitterness or acidity, however still rich in deep and intense chocolate flavours, with hints of nuttiness. For pure cacao this bean has a relatively sweet taste, which makes the cacao starter pack the perfect start of your everyday journey! 

Why choose cacao?

The benefits of cacao are endless. It is a rich natural stimulant which works contains many micro nutrients to boost your health.

  • ❤️ Open your heart: Cacao has been anciently known through its power to open the hearth. That is the direct result of the molecule Anandamide, known as the “bliss molecule”. It is a neurotransmitter that promotes feelings of joy, relaxation, and euphoria in the human body, contributing to overall well-being and happiness!
  • 🎯Improve focus: Stay laser focused after drinking cacao through the help of Phenylethylamine. A natural compound that acts as a mood enhancer and stimulant in the human body and often released in moments of attraction and love. The compound is known for promoting feelings of happiness, pleasure, creativity and increased focus, giving you that edge to be the best!
  • 🔋Energy boost: Fly through your day after drinking you desired cup of ceremonial cacao. The compound Theobromine is a natural stimulant similar to caffeine. However, instead of triggering cortisol (i.e. your stress hormone) and giving you those jittery side effects, Theobromine works as a vasodilator. In essence, that means Theobromine opens your blood vessels, and your heart does not need to work so hard. Theobromine’s effects are mild and long lasting, giving you the energy to fly through your day!
  • 💪🏻Boost your health: With nutrients such as magnesium, iron and potassium, cacao helps you by supporting muscle functioning and regulating energy levels. Additionally, it is filled with flavonoids, part of the antioxidants group, known for its anti-inflammatory effects and regulation of blood pressures!
  • 🧘🏼‍♂️Improve connection to self: The combination of the natural stimulants in cacao foster a feeling of optimistic relaxed alertness. This feeling helps you to dive deep into your inner being, and fears are easily mitigated! Use it mindfully and with intention, ceremonial cacao can then be used as a powerful activation tool when combined with meditation and breathwork. If you are ready to level up, this is the what you need!

    To make sure we are Fueling You and so that you can mix and drink your cacao anywhere you go, we’ve added a Thermo Buddy – Medium to the cacao starter pack. This bottle combines style and functionality. Firmly powder coated in black, this thermos is not just a promise of a perfect drink, but also a powerful statement of your commitment to yourself.

    Key Features:

    • Build-in straw: With the build-in straw you can always use the bottle without spilling anything of your drink.
    • Turn-lock lid: The perfect lid for pouring your drink. Mixing your hot drinks with cacao is no longer an issue as this lid protects you from exploding bottles and a house full with cacao stains.
    • Black color: Show a powerful statement of your commitment to growth with this black hydration tool.
    • Useful 750ML Capacity: Whether you’re sipping on morning cacao, midday tea, or evening broth, there’s plenty to last you through your day and it fits in your car cup holder!
    • Long-lasting Warmth: Say goodbye to lukewarm beverages! Your drink stays piping hot for a minimum of 4 hours, ensuring that comforting warmth sip after sip.
    • Eco-friendly Design: We believe in treading lightly on the earth, and with this bottle, you’re choosing sustainability every time you refill.

    Invest today in this amazing cacao starter pack and enjoy the benefits of our cacao straight away. We look forward to Fueling You!

    100% Biological ceremonial grade Peruvian Cacao. No added sugars, preservatives or other nonsense to make sure you get the best of mother nature! 


    100% Cacao

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    1. bramdaane (verified owner)

      Great deal! The thermo buddy is ideal to have a cacao drink on the go. I feel very energised after having the cacao and this way i can skip coffee in the morning.

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